Ancient-style Mobile Game "Fate of the Empress" Topped Multiple Rankings in App Store

2020-01-06 18:54:17

On December 31st, 2019, the 3D ancient-style raising sim mobile game "Fate of the Empress" from FriendTimes went live for beta testing on all platforms. Shortly after the beta went live, it reached the No. 1 spot on the RPG and Strategy Games List of App Store in China. So far it has also reached the No. 1 spot on the iPad Games List and the No. 2 spot on the iPhone Games (Free) List. The Fate of the Empress is also No. 3 in Hottest Games List and No. 2 in the Newcomers List in the gaming community Taptap. Players are rooting for the Fate of the Empress!

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Ever since it's first appearance, the Fate of the Empress has been gaining attention from the gaming community. The fact that it rose to the top in such a short time proves the players' approval for the Fate of the Empress. While the beta is still live, spread the word to your friends and experience the magnificence together.



Brand New 3D Engine Creating Top-notch Realistic Images

The Fate of the Empress is developed with the latest 3D engine, creating 360°POV, majestic buildings, day and night circle, weather effects and more. The designers draw their inspirations from the intensive research of the history of ancient China. With the principles of aesthetics, realism and finess in mind, the game developers put in massive amount of time and efforts in perfecting the details and rendering the effects. The result is a phenomenal representation of what the world is like back in ancient China.


Beautiful Traditions and Classic Elegance

The developers collaborated with many famous artists in music and illustrations to bring the players the best all-around experience a game could have. Every cutscene is a music video on its own. The hash tag of one of the cutscene went viral on the day the beta went live.



Come and join us. Experience the beauty and finess of the traditional Chinese culture.

About the Fate of the Empress:

The Fate of the Empress is a 3D raising sim ancient-style RPG game. With the background set in the peak prosperity of ancient China, the player can experience raising sim, classic collection, home interactions and many more. 360°POV allows the player to freely explore and admire the grand landscape and the magnificent buildings.

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