FriendTimes CEO Receives Top Ten Internet Rising Stars Award of 2019

2020-05-30 17:22:15

The 2019 Jiangsu Top Ten Internet Rising Stars and Products of Innovation Selection kicked off in Elite City Conference Center of Nanjing, on May 29th, 2020. Mr. Jiang Xiaohuang, CEO of FriendTimes Inc., was voted and won by an overwhelming margin the Top Ten Internet Rising Stars Award of the year.





The event, hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and undertaken by the Maker Commune, enjoyed great support from all participating municipal offices for industry and information, software industry associations, provincial Internet industrial parks, Internet crowd innovation parks, software parks, and China (Nanjing) Software Valley. Aiming at achieving the national "Internet +" strategic deployment, following the "Guidelines on Expediting the Development of the Internet Economy" by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, the event commended outstanding new talents and highlighted innovative products in the province’s Internet industry in the past year, endeavoring to create role models for enterprises and optimize the environment of Internet innovation in the province.


In a stretch of two months, the event went through several phases including registration, offline preliminary, online voting, expert review, and live selection during which Mr. Jiang Xiaohuang was unanimously recognized by virtue of his years of hard work in the field and selected as one of the “Top Ten Internet Rising Stars” in 2019. When it came to the phase of “Make Your Voice Heard”, an impressive number of candidates showed their support in recognition of his achievements through the years.




In its ten-year of development, FriendTimes is always committed to providing users with high-quality products and services of originality, gaining a large number of users in different segments of domestic market. As in aspects of culture and innovation, FriendTimes values the combination of Chinese culture and its products. Integration and re-innovation allow the company to absorb the essence of traditional culture and stage to global users abstract culture values and symbols with vivid games. Through products with Chinese traditional culture and values, FriendTimes not only established a good user reputation at home, but also spread the amazing charm of Chinese culture overseas to countries and areas including South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and North America.


Under the leadership of Mr. Jiang Xiaohuang, FriendTimes advocates innovation and the integrated development of culture and technology. With its earnest practice of its values, the company has ushered in a unique approach to cultural originality. The award is not only a recognition for Mr. Jiang Xiaohuang’s individual efforts, but also a commendation for the development strategy of the company.


Play a thousand tunes to know music; inspect a thousand swords to know arms. The one and only path to success is one through practice and reflection. And that is the path FriendTimes has taken from the very beginning. As for the way forward, scientific research and innovation will be what the company is based on; persistent enrichment of the cultural connotation of products will be what the company adheres to; quality Internet products of originality will be what the company strives to deliver to users around the world.