Jiao Jianjun, Executive Deputy Minister of the Provincial Publicity Department Visits FriendTimes

2020-06-11 10:56:54

On June 11th, 2020, Jiao Jianjun, Executive Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Provincial Administration of Press and Publication, and Director of the Provincial Film Bureau, along with Wu Qingwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Suzhou Industrial Park, and Huang Ximing, Deputy Minister of the Municipal Publicity Department, Director of the Municipal Administration of Press and Publication, and other leaders, had a tour of inspection of FriendTimes.


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After listening to the report on the development, products and overall strategy of the company, the delegation commended on the company’s achievements and honors, and expressed that FriendTimes, as a local cultural and creative enterprise in Suzhou, should take full advantage of the local cultural resources, enrich cultural products in the process of enterprise development, and play a leading role in the industry by setting a benchmark for cultural and creative enterprises in Suzhou and Jiangsu Province at large.


Create Whole Value Chain with Originality


As a pioneer in the field of female-oriented mobile games, FriendTimes requires a solid team of talents with excellent R&D and operation capabilities for its rapid development; and the long-term development of the company is inseparable from its persevering pursuit of innovation. The Deputy Minister believed that as an excellent cultural and creative enterprise in Suzhou, FriendTimes laid its foundation with unwavering pursuit of originality. Enterprises should to the greatest extent mobilize their own advantages and resources to develop a value chain for original works, and explore a system to build intellectual property development ecology. At the same time, provincial and municipal government offices will provide overall support and services to ensure the smooth growth of the business.




Stay True to Tradition for Market Expandsion


When talking about the cultural nature of corporate products, Jiao Jianjun pointed out that Suzhou, an ancient city with a history of more than 2,500 years, is a place with abundant cultural resources. FriendTimes should anchor itself in the earth of the land’s unique history and culture, fully mobilize Jiangsu's own cultural treasures, and integrate excellent cultural spirits into the products of the company. While the company is building a value chain in the industry, the positive spiritual and cultural core will play its role in cultural communication, tourism economy, and bringing in talents.




Undeviating Faith in Introducing Traditional Culture to the World


With the advent of globalization, export of cultural goods has come into the spotlight and has been prioritized by countries and enterprises. During the visit, a fruitful exchange was had on games going overseas. When talking about the localization of corporate products, Jiao Jianjun spoke highly of the company’s efforts in localization including translation, dubbing, and art design, and encouraged the company to strengthen its cultural confidence. The process of game developing, cultural integration and introduction of the charm of traditional Chinese culture to global users shall be greatly valued.


Open up Greater Chances with In-depth Insights


The visit of the delegation shed light on the future direction of FriendTimes. Jiao Jianjun pointed out that cultural economy and digital economy rely on each other, the latter with great market potential as a composing part of the former. Enterprises should continue to adhere to originality, enrich product portfolios, take full advantage of core resources, inherit Chinese culture, continue to explore new patterns of corporate development, ready the company for the global market, and make greater contributions to the development of the cultural industry in Jiangsu Province.