FriendTimes Officially Joins “1+5” Love Project

2020-07-29 14:13:20

On July 28th, 2020, the signing ceremony of “1+5” Love Project was held at No. 3 Yidoushan Road by the sub-district office of Loufeng community, Suzhou Industrial Park. FriendTimes Inc. and other co-founders of the project attended the ceremony to witness the launch of the charity project “Work Together for a Better Community”. FriendTimes has offered financial aids in public welfare projects aiming at raising funds for left-behind children, offering medical care to those in need, and taking care of stray animals, and has made donations to help fight against the epidemic. This new project will help the elderly who live alone, and FriendTimes will take this project as a new practice to help out more people.




“1+5” Love Project has an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for the elderly in the Loufeng community, especially for the disabled and those living alone. “1” is the call center, and “5” means 5 projects including catering, emergency, medical service, cleaning services, and loving care. The Love Project covers all the needs of home care for the elderly except treatment of serious diseases. With this project, all the concerns can be resolved on a household basis and the elderly can get whatever they want without leaving home.


This service tackles the pains and difficulties currently troubling home care for the senior citizens. It is based on actual conditions to solve the difficulties met by those with special needs or living alone. In response to Loufeng community’s call to sustain and improve people’s well-being, FriendTimes took an active part in the long-term collaboration with the project to promote its sustainable development.





FriendTimes is set to subscribe to the 5-year Project’s funding pool in the years to come, making an effort to back up the public good with funds for sustainable operation of the said Project. As a local company, FriendTimes takes social responsibility, and shows great concern for the elderly who live alone in Suzhou.




FriendTimes sincerely hopes that this Love Project can help ensure the target group’s access to elderly care including entertainment and housing, so as to realize a governance system based on collaboration, participation and common interests in the field of home care for senior citizens. The development of public interest and charity may require a long and arduous effort. Still FriendTimes will press ahead with a sense of perseverance and take concrete actions to support social welfare.