FriendTimes Is Elected as the President Enterprise of the Association of Digital Culture Industry of Suzhou Industrial Park

2021-07-23 15:20:20


To promote the integration of cultural industries and the coordinated development of enterprises, the Association of Digital Culture Industry of Suzhou Industrial Park held its first member representative meeting today, marking the establishment of the first Association of Digital Culture Industry in Suzhou. Zhu Jiang, deputy director of SIP Administrative Committee and director of the Publicity Department and the United Front Work Department of CPC SIP Working Committee, attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed and passed “The Articles of the Association of Digital Culture Industry of Suzhou Industrial Park”, and elected enterprises as the president, vice president and executive director, etc. FriendTimes was elected as the president enterprise.



In recent years, the industrial park has attached great importance to the development of cultural industries. Relying on the advantages of industry, innovation and talent, the digital culture industry which is based on digital technology and leads consumption trends has made great progress and formed a characteristic industrial cluster. To further promote the integration and coordinated development of the industry, the Association of Digital Culture Industry of Suzhou Industrial Park was officially established after six months of preparation. The association now has over 50 members, which are the backbone of the cultural industry in the park and the most representative groups in digital culture industry.


Zhu Jiang said that as the park has entered a new phase of building a world-Class high-tech park and a top-class free trade zone, promoting the development of the cultural industry with digital culture as the core is a strategic choice to develop the park, and also a means to implement the city's multiplier plan in cultural industry and to make the brand “Jiangnan Culture” prosper. The association should play an important role in strengthening the coordination, collaboration and integration, optimizing the industrial ecology, and boosting the congregation of innovation factors while promoting industrial development; build a bridge connecting the government, enterprises and the market and gather efforts to promote cross-sector and cross-industry communication and collaboration; enhance service awareness, promote industry self-regulation and establish operating models and service mechanisms to adapt to the market development; unite the members, enhance their collective spirit and promote industry self-regulation for a new industrial benchmark.


Jiang Xiaohuang, president of the association, said that the association will take full advantage, optimize the platform, keep improving its cohesion and influence, and serve as a “Connecting Bridge” and a “Loudspeaker” to develop digital culture industry, promote industrial cooperation and communication, and make the industry in the park a role model. With all these efforts, the association will write a new chapter in its development.


As a member of the association, FriendTimes will seize the opportunity and uphold the mission of “Create Value with Culture” to give full play to independent R&D and innovation by exploring the integration of Internet cultural and creative products and cultural resources in Jiangnan, and contributing to the high-quality development of digital culture industry in the park.