FriendTimes Earns the Title of "Greater Suzhou Best Employer 2023"

2023-08-05 13:56:19

On August 4th, the "2023 Greater Suzhou Best Employer " award ceremony was held grandly in the studio of Suzhou Broadcasting System. Distinguished talents and leading figures gathered together, and among numerous candidate companies, FriendTimes stood out and was awarded the honorable title of "2023 Greater Suzhou Best Employer".



As the most influential and impactful employer brand selection event in Suzhou, the selection of "Greater Suzhou Best Employer" has been held for ten consecutive years, becoming a benchmark for employer brands. This selection process focuses on dimensions including company development, corporate culture, employee care, compensation and benefits, social responsibility, and brand image to evaluate the current status of employer brands and discover the effectiveness of the brand construction.


After months of multidimensional evaluation, including expert reviews, employee surveys, public voting, and brand diagnosis, the "2023 Greater Suzhou Best Employer " was ultimately decided. FriendTimes has been honored with this recognition through comprehensive selection. This not only acknowledges the employer brand of FriendTimes but also affirms its corporate culture construction and talent development strategies.


Digital empowerment. Create value with culture.


Rooted in Suzhou for thirteen years, FriendTimes adheres to its mission of "Create Value with Culture" by embracing innovation-driven development. The company extensively delves into the cultural genes of the Jiangnan region and leverages digital empowerment to facilitate a cultural transformation. This effort aims to extend the cultural industry to both ends of the industrial chain and ascend it to the high end of the value chain, thereby adding value and enhancing competitiveness. Products like "Fate of the Empress" and "Promise of Lingyun" under FriendTimes' portfolio are based on traditional Chinese culture. They incorporate representative cultural symbols and integrate elements like Kunqu, classical gardens, Suzhou embroidery, Taohuawu New Year woodblock prints, and Weifang kites, allowing users to travel through history and experience the ancient cultural elegance embedded in them. By sharing the same cultural heritage, users gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the infinite charm of traditional Chinese culture.




As a key national cultural export enterprise, FriendTimes possesses a professional global distribution and operation team. While consolidating its presence in the domestic market, the company continues to explore and expand into overseas markets. FriendTimes is dedicated to promoting outstanding Chinese traditional culture to a broader range of audiences in different regions. It emphasizes the blending of local cultures during the process of product recreation for overseas markets. The goal is to create a platform for excellent global cultural exchanges, carry forward the passing on and promotion of culture, and shape a more profound influence of Chinese culture.


Caring for employees enhances team cohesion.

FriendTimes firmly believes that employees are the most important and valuable asset of the company and the core of its competitiveness. The company is committed to creating a comfortable, harmonious, and pleasant working environment, providing employees with humane care, and striving to foster a warm and inclusive corporate atmosphere.

In 2021, FriendTimes officially inaugurated its self-built headquarters building, equipped with various facilities to create a pleasant and humanized work environment, and enhance employee satisfaction. The building features 90-meter sightseeing elevators, a 500-square-meter multifunctional hall, a 103-cubic-meter aquarium, a fitness center, a coffee bar, a restaurant, pantries, a library, and a maternity room among other amenities.





FriendTimes actively carries out various corporate cultural activities to create a vibrant and delightful work environment for its employees, including employee birthday celebrations, monthly afternoon tea gatherings, department team-building events, company anniversary celebrations, and annual year-end galas. Additionally, the company provides holiday gifts, annual health check-ups, and subsidies for employee consumption as part of its welfare programs. To promote employee engagement and foster a sense of camaraderie, FriendTimes has established interest-based groups such as a basketball team and a reading club. Regular competitions, such as the Game Creative Design Competition, Game Programming Competition, Photography Competition, and Summer Fun Sports Games, are organized with generous prizes at stake. These events aim to enrich the spiritual and cultural lives of employees and encourage their active participation and talent development.





FriendTimes places great importance on talent development and provides employees with high-quality learning and development opportunities. The company continuously offers comprehensive professional training programs to meet the diverse needs of its workforce, which include training programs for new employees, general and specialized skill development, and management capabilities. The company combines internal trainer development with invitations to industry experts, ensuring a well-rounded and diverse training experience. By doing so, FriendTimes helps employees enhance their abilities and competitiveness in the industry. Moreover, the company provides assistance with talent settlement procedures, talent subsidies, and rental applications, thereby easing the concerns and difficulties of employees and creating a supportive environment.




Taking on responsibilities and spreading positive energy to society.

While striving for growth and excellence, FriendTimes actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and contributes to society. The company has been recognized by People's Daily Online as a "prominent Chinese gaming company in terms of social responsibility performance" for the years 2021-2022.

FriendTimes has always adhered to the concept of public welfare and periodically cooperates with public welfare and charity organizations. For example, it has helped children with leukemia recover their health, made donations to primary and middle school students in remote and impoverished areas, supported animal protection organizations, cared for elderly people living alone and left-behind children in impoverished mountainous areas, provided assistance to the flood in Henan, and supported the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Suzhou. All the efforts aim to light the spark of hope and spread positive social energy.




In addition, FriendTimes actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. In terms of information security management system construction, it has obtained the ISO/IEC 27001 certification for having established a multi-level data security protection system and fortified the "firewall" of information security, providing users with a more solid guarantee of information security. As for the protection of minors, it has effectively implemented measures to prevent excessive indulgence in online gaming for minors, established an age-appropriate game prompt system, and implemented a dedicated channel staffed by professionals to handle issues related to the protection of minors. The "Parents' Guardian Project for Minors Playing Online Games" has also been implemented to provide minors with a green and safe gaming environment.