Loving Protection Sweet Childhood

2023-06-20 10:01:12

On June 19, 2023, the "Game for a Bright Future" charity donation event organized by the Game Publishers Association Publications Committee and the Esports Committee was successfully held at Erlang Primary School in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. In response to the call, FriendTimes donated hundreds of good books and a complete set of sports equipment to the children, and the company was invited to attend the donation ceremony.

Protecting the Innocence, Carrying the Dreams

The "Game for a Bright Future" charity donation event includes various forms such as donation ceremonies and discussions on public welfare activities of gaming companies. Its main objective is to collaborate with multiple companies to effectively carry out poverty alleviation and assistance initiatives to build a bridge of communication and enrich the cultural and spiritual lives of children in remote areas. Additionally, the event aims to advocate for the spirit of selfless dedication among all sectors of society and jointly create a cultural exchange platform for the inheritance of knowledge and passion, in order to protect the dreams of every child.


During the donation ceremony, the principal of Erlang Primary School expressed that this donation was not only a material assistance but also a spiritual encouragement and motivation. In the future, all teachers of Erlang Primary School will uphold the school motto, continue to learn, and tirelessly educate their students. The students, on their part, will strive for self-improvement and work hard while enhancing their knowledge and physical fitness. They will also maintain a grateful heart and repay the support and help given by kind-hearted individuals through practical actions, living up to the earnest expectations of various sectors of society.



FriendTimes hopes that the educational and sports resources of the school could have a steady supply through the donations of study materials and sports equipment, which will enrich the cultural and extracurricular activities of teachers and students, further improve the overall quality of the children, expand their horizons, and promote the education of comprehensive development. During the event, the present enterprises called on individuals from all walks of life to help and support children in remote areas, making their dreams come true and spreading positive social values.

Practical Charity, Loving Protection

Adhering to the public welfare philosophy of "not forgetting the original intention and giving back to society", FriendTimes has actively participated in various charitable activities since its establishment, bravely assuming social responsibilities and continuously making efforts in the field of public welfare to spread boundless love. In recent years, the company has focused its philanthropic efforts on educational assistance, providing support through donations and other means. It has helped economically disadvantaged students in remote and impoverished areas through economic support, knowledge transfer, and capacity building, promoting their healthy development. In addition to education, FriendTimes also practices its social responsibilities and fulfills its missions through concrete actions in animal rescue, red education, environmental protection, and epidemic prevention and control, contributing efforts and spreading love to various charitable causes.






Illuminate hope with love and build the future with dedication. As a company actively fulfilling social responsibilities and obligations, FriendTimes insists on pursuing both economic and social benefits. While promoting the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture and the innovative development of digital technology, it actively engages in charitable activities with enthusiasm. Leveraging the power of technology and education, it contributes corporate strength to the development of remote and impoverished areas. In the future, FriendTimes will give more back to society with a stronger sense of responsibility. It will never forget the responsibilities and missions bestowed upon it by the times and society, advocate for more attention on vulnerable groups, and convey the goodwill and love of FriendTimes to the whole society. A broader and stronger force will be gathered to vigorously support the thriving development of public welfare with even more passion.