Suzhou‘s First "Dongwu Award" FriendTimes Recognized as a "Pioneer Cultural Enterprise"

2023-07-17 10:09:01

On July 14th, the award ceremony for the first "Dongwu Award" (cultural enterprises) in Suzhou's cultural industry was successfully held during the opening ceremony of the 12th China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo. FriendTimes was honored with the title of "Pioneer Cultural Enterprise."

The selection of the first "Dongwu Prize" in Suzhou's cultural industry, guided by the Propaganda Department of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism, was hosted by Suzhou Daily and the Suzhou Cultural and Creative Industries Association with the aim to select a group of large-scale backbone cultural enterprises and "specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative" cultural enterprises, showcasing the vitality of Suzhou's cultural enterprises and the booming development of the city’s cultural industry in the "new future."



At the event, Sun Bo, the Vice President of FriendTimes, went on stage to accept the award and gave an interview. He mentioned that as a local cultural enterprise in Suzhou, FriendTimes not only tells the stories of China but also promotes Chinese culture beyond borders. "Our product 'Fate of the Empress' was launched in 2019, presenting the ancient Chinese lifestyle by blending traditional and contemporary elements. At the end of this year, we will release the second generation product 'Twist of the Fate', which will showcase a Chinese aesthetic different from the first generation."

Rooted in Suzhou for thirteen years, FriendTimes adheres to the mission of "Create Value with Culture" and seizes the opportunities of the times. It fully explores high-quality intellectual properties that embody the traditional cultural characteristics of Suzhou, and pass down and promote excellent cultural genes in a way that resonates with contemporary young people. Additionally, FriendTimes constantly improves its overseas market layout and expands its global strategic map. With the help of "digital wings", it has transformed cultural and creative products into vivid mediums for promoting cultural confidence, showing outstanding Chinese traditional culture and telling good Chinese stories to the world.

In the future, FriendTimes will steadily move forward with a new attitude, keep delving into the essence of Suzhou local culture, and explore the deep integration of internet cultural and creative products with traditional cultural resources in Suzhou. With a broader vision and a larger scope, the company will promote the "Jiangnan culture" and revitalize Chinese traditional culture in the new era, and thus contribute even more to the high-quality development of Suzhou's cultural industry.