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Overseas Customer Consultant


1. Answer players‘ questions and deal with game issues online. 2. Monitor the operation of games, report game errors and provide help. Keep good communication with players. 3. Report issues related to work or products and provide improvement advice. 4. Learn and analyze users‘ needs to provide considerate services. 5. Maintain the operation and order of games. 6. Release game-related news, announcements and posts.


1. Understand overseas culture. Proficient in at least one of Japanese, Korean, English, French, German or Arabic. Overseas study or work experience is preferred.

2. Strong ability of logic thinking and problem analysis.

3. Excellent at cooperation and communications. Easy to work with and patient.

4. Great service consciousness. Willing to work shifts. Experience in service industries is preferred.


Please send your resume to our HR at the following address. Please attach your works or links to your works if applicable.