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  • Salary and Benefits

    We offer competitive salaries and benefits in the industry.

  • Handsome Bonuses

    Annual Bonuses based on personal Performance assessments, Project Rewards, Recruitment Rewards, Employee of the Season, VIP Perks and more.

  • Salary Adjustments

    We offer annual pay rises based on company achievements and personal performances.

  • Training Program

    Grow with us with our Manager Camp, professional training, shared resources and more.

  • Treats

    We offer themed gifts for every festival, birthday presents, afternoon tea, year-end party and more.

  • Time Off

    We offer paid annual leave for all employees on top of the legal holidays.

  • Team Building

    Outdoor events, party, laser tag, hiking, BBQ and more.

  • Annual Physical

    We offer annual physical examinations for all employees.