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Overseas Business Development


1. As for overseas independent game products, coordinate group resources for introduction. 2. Advance the publishment and operations of agent games, including business negotiation, contract-signing, publishment, promotion and settlement. 3. Introduction, negotiation and follow-up work of European and American game IPs. 4. Development, follow-up work and maintenance of industrial partners, including PR companies, localization companies and original painting outsourcing companies. 5. Organization, promotion plans, implementation and business contact matters of overseas events like E3. 6. Learn industrial dynamics related to the industrial ecological chain in domestic and foreign markets, and actively explore new opportunities.


1. Bachelor degree or above. At least 1 year's experience in game business development or marketing.

2. The passion for games. Keen sense for IP. Great judgement and unique views on games.

3. Overseas study or living experience. English Major Level 8, Advanced Interpretation, IELTS 7.5+ or equivalent English level is preferred.

4. Familiar with overseas mobile game market. Have certain network resources.

5. Good negotiation and communication skills, strong interpersonal skills.

6. Willing to travel. The ability to manage stress.


Please send your resume to our HR at the following address. Please attach your works or links to your works if applicable.