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Game Critic


1. Have rich experience in product evaluation and pay attention to domestic and foreign trends and dynamics in game industry. 2. Develop professional evaluation criteria for different categories of games and generate effective evaluation reports. 3. Conduct a special analysis of company products and provide effective adjustment and optimization advice to improve the overall game quality and increase market opportunities. 4. Communicate with operations department about game details and provide help in the agency and operations of new games.


1. Bachelor degree or above. The passion for games.

2. Familiar with major game developer around the world and the development of the game industry. Basic market analysis ability and data insight. Profound understanding of mainstream gaming mechanics and the desires of users.

3. Outstanding ability of document writing. Proficient in spreadsheets. Strong ability of logical expression, good at analysis and summary.

4. Strong sense of responsibilities. Great ability to cooperate and coordinate between different departments.


Please send your resume to our HR at the following address. Please attach your works or links to your works if applicable.