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Traffic Monetizing Manager


1. Planning and promotion of the company‘s game traffic monetization business. 2. Collect external information including industry status and competitive product data to provide valuable information and generate research reports. 3. Collect and analyze various product data. Able to find issues in a quick and effective manner and provide solutions. Provide improvement advice about monetization strategies through A/B test. 4. Design and optimize the in-game advertising scenarios. Improve core data indicators such as eCPM and fill rate. 5. Actively promote the construction and update of internal traffic management background, combining with data effects and business needs.


1. Bachelor degree or above. At least 1 year's experience in internet operations or marketing.

2. Familiar with all sorts of advertising liquidation data indicators. Strong logical ability and data analysis ability. A certain degree of understanding of overseas game market.

3. Familiar with the common application traffic liquidation modes. Must master the advertising platforms like Google AdMob, Facebook audience network, etc.

4. Strong communication skills, good at coordinating internal and external resources.

5. Love games. English Major Level 6 or above is preferred.


Please send your resume to our HR at the following address. Please attach your works or links to your works if applicable.