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Overseas Advertising


1. Develop advertising strategies on Facebook or other similar advertising platforms, and daily advertising and adjustment. 2. Conduct data tracking and effect analysis of advertising. 3. Develop advertising ideas, coordinate advertising materials, and tracking and optimization. 4. Collect market advertising information. Monitor and analyze the data of related competitive products and competitors. 5. Communication and relationship maintenance with advertising platform staff.


1. Proficient in at least one of Japanese, Korean, English, French, German or Arabic. Overseas study or work experience is preferred. Expats preferred.

2. Bachelor degree or above. Major in science, finance, statistics or marketing. Accepting excellent fresh graduates.

3. Sensitive to data and have strong data analysis capabilities.

4. Strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated and strong motivation for achievement.


Please send your resume to our HR at the following address. Please attach your works or links to your works if applicable.